Thermo Cool Slimming Treatment

One Time
60 mins - $175
10 times - $1,800

Burn fat through biological thermal energy instantly:

  1. Attack accurately the refractory fat
    Accurately transmit fat-dissolving radio-frequency into refractory fat bottom layer at particular parts.
  2. Burn fat through high diode temperature
    Continuously change the electric current at anode and cathode (i.e. up to 500,000 times per second), produce biological thermal energy at deep skin layer, increase temperature by up to 5℃~7℃ and instantly dissolve honeycomb fat accumulated over a long time.
  3. Promote blood circulation and accelerate toxin expelling
    Increase oxygen flow, improve the washing function of blood/lymph, accelerate the discharge of toxins/wastes and make skin tight and smooth.
  4. Slimming in a cycle or a specific way
    Cycle slimming all over the body or specific slimming for waist, arm, thigh or leg, etc.